Wearing a mask has always been my way of showing that we’re all equal, we’re all the same. However, I’ve always wanted to use my position and strong walkers community to make a bigger  difference. When I met the team at Airinum who clarified the big issues with air pollution around the globe today, I felt that the time was just about right to make a new mask for a bigger purpose.

In connection to my latest single “Different World” we therefore dedicated this collaboration to raising awareness about air pollution, while at the same time provide means for immediate protection through my new custom made Airinum mask. It’s a truly innovative and technical product that also light-up the AW logo while I’m on stage to remind people that air pollution is the world’s biggest indirekt health risk, according to WHO.

Therefore, I will also donate my profits to WHO, so they can continue to building a better, healthier future for people all over the world. For every Airinum mask you buy, you now know, that we not only will look the same but also support the same cause together. Something I’m very proud of.

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